Gravity Rush 2 PS4

  • Brand new story with more story missions than ever, in a richly detailed open world 2.5 times larger than before
  • Manipulate gravity and soar through the skies at the touch of a button with the Dualshock 4 motion sensors
  • Seamlessly switch between three gravity attack modes to string together devastating attack combos
  • Perform powerful new tag-team attacks with the AI-controlled Raven
  • Unique visuals blending Japanese and French comic book styles to create stunning characters and environments

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PS4,PS4 Games,Flat 1299
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Defies known laws … Evolved gravity

Turn everything you know and return to a world where you can modify the laws of gravity as you see fit.

Kat and Raven return in Gravity Rush 2 to embark on another adventure of vertigo in which, sometimes, falling can make you feel like you’re flying. Experiment with Kat’s new powers to change the direction of gravity and alter its strength as it suits you.

Master the laws of physics as you explore a vast world full of missions, challenges and monstrous demons. Use your powers in a completely destructible environment to take down enemies in ways never seen before.

Challenge your friends online with the unique features to share PS4 and struggle to climb positions in the rankings, accumulate resources or hunt treasures.

A more lively and dynamic experience
Enter a dazzling and lively world, full of life. Manipulate gravity using the motion sensors of the Dualshock® 4 wireless controller to elevate and descend in a wide and detailed open world, 2.5 times larger than the original. There are a variety of missions and mini-objectives, so Kat is not going to have time to get bored.

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