LEGO City Undercover PS4

  • The best-selling, well-reviewed LEGO City Undercover brings humorous, open world LEGO gaming – with newly added two player co-op – to new gen console players for the very first time


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For the first time LEGO® CITY Undercover ™ includes more than 20 different districts, full of car thieves to stop, vehicles to drive, evil aliens to capture, hilarious cinematographic references, lost pigs to be rescued and, of course , hundreds of collectibles. This LEGO® adventure in an open world, combining wit, an original story and the characteristic humor of LEGO®, creates a fun-filled experience for players of all ages.

In LEGO City Undercover, Chase McCain tries to catch the dangerous Rex Fury, responsible for the crime wave that LEGO City suffers. To do this you must go incognito and explore the wide open world of LEGO City with a wide selection of costumes that will confer different skills. The miner’s suit, for example, will grant him the ability to use dynamite, while that of a thief will allow him to force locks. The unique qualities of the Wii U GamePad come into play during the Rex Fury chase. The GamePad works as a communicator, as a scanner to look for criminals or to see the map and the GPS route when driving through the city.

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