LEGO Worlds PS4

  • Uncover hidden treasures in environments that range from the fun to the fantastical
  • Make your worlds come to life with customisable characters, both friendly and fearsome
  • Modify terrain quickly and easily with the multi-tool
  • Customize your characters in a wide variety of out-fits and options
  • Play with a select number of real-life LEGO sets, taken from the classic and current LEGO themes
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Product info

To explore. Discover. Create. Together.

In LEGO® Worlds, players can discover hidden treasures in environments that range from fun to fantasy, where worlds come alive with a variety of vehicles and creatures, like cowboys riding on giraffes, vampires that scare men from the snows, steam engines or giant excavators. Players can embark on an adventure to become a Master Builder by helping other LEGO® characters along the way, looking for a sword for a king, protecting a farmer from a zombie invasion or building a house for a caveman. Environments and creations come alive in any way that players can imagine, either by building piece by piece, or by using the tools that allow them to paint and modify the environment.

LEGO® Worlds is an open and procedurally generated worlds composed entirely of LEGO bricks that you can manipulate and dynamically filled with LEGO models environment. Create everything you can imagine, brick to brick, or use large-scale land design tools to create huge mountain ranges and decorate your world with tropical islands. Place prefabricated structures to build and customize any world to your liking. Explore using helicopters, dragons, motorcycles and even gorillas, and unlock treasures to improve the gaming experience. Watch how your creations come to life through characters and creatures that will interact with you and each other in unexpected ways. In LEGO Worlds, everything is possible!

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